As technology has improved, the performance of servers have allowed us to virtualise many of our services, and the number of servers we need in our rack has decreased.  This means that we have cheap rack space available for co-location of your own servers in our Manchester rack.

Cheap Rack Space

We can offer you the following deal on locating your own server in our rack in our Manchester data centre in a shared basis:-

Power and Comms £49.50
Size (per U) £50.00

All prices per month, excluding VAT. E&OE.

Note: That there is a one off setup fee of £99.50+VAT.

So, for example, for a 2U server, this would cost you £149.50+VAT per month including 8 static IP addresses, 100Mbps link, managed firewall and a 2 x 3amp power feed.  You can have a link inside our firewall on our internal LAN, or external on our WAN side if you prefer.

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