Encrypting the data between your branch locations is one of the most important security measures that a small business needs to consider.  However, with the advent of more and more remote workers, the complexity to small business is costly, and many just simply do without.  We take your data security seriously, and because of this offer free SSL VPN’s (Server Socket Layer Virtual Private Networks) between your remote workers and our datacentres.


The remote worker will need to download and install some software on their PC that enables them to identify themselves, and encrypt all data between their computer and the services that we provide for you in our datacentre.

Cross routing VPN’s

We support the ability for two branch locations to route secure encrypted data packets over our network to each other.  For example, we would perhaps be providing some remote desktops for you, but, the remote worker at location A wants to print to the printer at branch B.  No problem, this can be configured for you.

There is absolutely no cost at all to our VPN’s, as we believe it is a basic function that should be included in all hosted packages.



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