Cloud Computing

Many large corporates have embraced some form of remote computing for their branch offices, as it has a number of advantages in that all users have easy access to the same files, are on the same software, and the users desktop can “move” with them from one branch office to the other without needing any further technical assistance.

The businesses that gain the most from cloud computing are those with branch offices, remote workers, teleworkers from an home environment or franchises.

Remote Desktops

We have two completely different offerings to bring corporate grade cloud computing to the small business sector.  We have both Windows Remote Desktops and Linux Terminal Servers available via our virtual machine environments, and price this at a per user basis rather than a business needing to pay for a whole virtual machine.

As the details of remote desktop – cloud – terminal services for Microsoft Windows or Linux is beyond the scope of this webpage, we have a dedicated site on the subject at:-

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