Transatlantic Clustering
Our wider area network

High Availability Clustering

We specialise in supplying clusters of identical servers as virtual machines running in different geographic locations on our wider area network.  Unlike our competitors, these virtual machines are all run and managed by ourselves and are not shared.  They are dedicated to your application.  Typically, we can offer this in three locations, Ireland, USA, and the UK.  You can have between 2 and 16 nodes in your cluster, (max 4 per geographic location in the same cluster), with 2 to 8 CPU’s per node and 8 to 32Gb of memory per node.  All nodes must have the same specification for load balancing performance.

Fault Tollerance

Having two or more server nodes in different geographic locations allows for total resilience should there be a link or a server node failure.  An additional benefit is that a node may be taken out of service for software upgrades without your service being affected.  Please note: special consideration is given to MySQL clusters with more than two nodes in a master-master mesh cluster during planned outages.


We can offer these high availability LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) web hosting from €400+VAT, then €150+VAT per node per month on our network.  However, as complexity rises, we can tailor a quotation to meet your technical requirements.  All you need to do it so call us, explain your requirements, and we will base a tailored quote to meet your exact needs.  Please note, we do not do Windows clustering.