Virtual Machines

A virtual server is an emulated server running on very large, powerful and fast physical server chassis.  The advantages are that the virtual server is not tied to the physical hardware should a failure occur or reconfiguration is needed.  It is easy to move a virtual machine from one hardware chassis to another by simply shutting down, exporting, transferring over, importing, and starting back up.  Virtual servers can easily have their memory or CPU resources altered as the client wishes.  Simple, easy, reliable.


All of our virtual machines run on XCP-NG (previously VMWare and VirtualBox).  We can create you an instance of a 64bit LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) virtual machine for a one off setup fee of €50+VAT, or, alternatively import one of your own for free.  All we need is the .ova file which you can upload over a free VPN to our platform.

Static IP Addresses

All of our virtual machines come with a single static IP address, and basic support and advice.  We provide you with your own root access for you to manage your own virtual machine via SSH or VNC remote desktop over a free VPN.


Support is provided in office hours Monday to Friday.


We provide a nightly backup of your virtual machine.  We also keep an off-site weekly backup of your machine for a month.

Linux Virtual Machine Pricing

We price our non clustered Linux virtual machines at the following monthly rates:

Options CPUs Memory Monthly Rates
Basic Server 2 8Gb €60 Recommended
Mid Range 4 12Gb €90
High End 4 16Gb €120

All prices per month, excluding VAT. E&OE.

We no longer resell Windows virtual server hosting.