Other Services

Here is a list of our other services on our wider area network…

Case Centre Pro

Case Centre Pro is a cloud based help desk reporting system aimed at businesses in the maintenance sector sending engineers to site to look after equipment.  Clients may report a fault online ensuring a log is kept of work along with enabling the maintenance business to keep within service level agreements.


Hosted Mall

Hosted Mall allows small businesses a flat rate e-commerce hosting package.  We enable them to sell an unlimited number of products online.  All that is needed in addition is a payment gateway service in order to take payment direct to their own business bank account.


Remote Desktops

We can host a number of users within your business from differing locations and can assist them with running both Microsoft Office and bespoke legacy applications on our dedicated Windows Remote Desktops.  Fully support for your users is provided.


Spam Safe Mail

We operate an online network spam and filtering service called Spam Safe Mail for IT support and hosting companies to offer to their clients either with a hosted email service or on premises email.